We offer modern alternatives to the look and feel of traditional fabric shades.  All shade options are available in semi-opaque and room darkening opacities. Most of these shades also offer custom shaped solutions for unique specialty shapes.

Banded Shades

Fabric bands are staggered to provide privacy or aligned to allow light and view.  Designer Banded Shades combine alternating sheer and solid bands in a single shade.


The Pirouette window shade provides a bold and modern alternative to the look and feel of traditional fabric shades.  Pirouette shadings feature softly contoured fabric vanes that magically open and close giving you complete control over your desired degree of light filtration and privacy.


The S-shaped vanes of the Silhouette appear to magically float between two sheer panels.  They create elegant shading with beauty and brains.  The open vanes provide light diffusion and daytime privacy while allowing you to enjoy the view outside.  Closing the vanes at nighttime allows for privacy at night.

Offered on select products, we introduce NORMAN’S innovative Smart Release lift system: